16-20 novembre
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Il Premio Lele Luzzati

The Emanuele (Lele) Luzzati Award is a competition organized by the Centro Ebraico Italiano G. e V. Pitigliani, in collaboration with the Museo Luzzati in Porta Siberia in Genoa, is aimed at those who have produced a visual work targeting young people adhering to the theme: For an education to values, identifying coherent and positive models.


The free participation is reserved to people up to 35 years old.
The work can be in any audiovisual form: short films, feature films, music videos, documentaries, etc. Works admitted to the competition must be in digital format.
The competition entries can be made with or without dialogue.
The works presented do not have maximum or minimum duration constraints.


Participation in the Luzzati Award is free.
Registration will be open from April 1st the SUBMISSION DEADLINE is July 7, 2019.
The following material must be included in the application:

  • application form;
  • signed and dated copy of this regulations, for knowledge;
  • copy of the work in digital format.
  • synopsis in Italian and English in .doc /.txt format, max 800 characters per language
  • biography of the Director, in Italian and in English in .doc/.txt format, max 600 characters
After the first selection, production of nominated films will have to send:
  • file or DVD in Italian with English subtitles (or vice versa) and, if the original version is neither in Italian nor English, the work must be subtitled in Italian or English.


The selection of works will be made by the Centro Ebraico Italiano Il Pitigliani.
The international Jury, qualified and experienced, will assign the award.
The selected works will be shown during the Pitigliani Kolnoa Festival 2019 (November).
The award ceremony (Award plaque) will take place during the Pitigliani Kolnoa Festival 2019 (November).


To be selected, the file needs to be sent in .AVI,. mov, mp4, format using for example the free service we transfer to the address: pkf@pitigliani.it.
The receipt and possible subsequent selection of the works will be sent to the email address you indicated.
The registration represents your understanding and acceptance of this regulation.


PDFDownload the application form

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